21st century Astrology brings down the sky

It’s not up there, it’s inside of each of us and all the things we create. The sky allows us to see a signature and be objective about ourselves and the physical world we all share. It’s a blueprint that has flowchart type options of choices we make, beginning the moment of our first breath. This natural phenomena however, is simply a tool. Like math, a means of clarifying and defining . In doing so the true self is revealed, even if only for a stage which we occupy in time. Finally, in reaching our many goals we also find the journey is as important as the goal.

The Science of self realization is a way of describing what astrology is and does. As above so below is a ancient way of saying that, there is a correlation between what we see in the sky and what happens on earth. Both as well as countless other descriptions are quite relevant ,and as with many things of unlimited applications, it’s better to demonstrate than trying to define.

Astrologyathome.com website as well as “The Astrology At Home” podcast is solely dedicated to exposing and demonstrating the many ways astrology may be used as a tool to enhanced your life. As an integral part of the earth, astrology is embedded in us, and all we create or engage. To begin, get a free natal chart done!

“An unexamined life is not worth living”
-Dr. Cornell West