All readings include recorded copy. Mp4 recordings also included the chart analysis technique .

Natal Chart

This is the foundation for all forms of astrological work, Also known as the birth chart, this is where the journey begins. At the moment of birth the state of the universe is spiritually embedded within you. It describes your character and the nature of your motivations as well as the circumstances through which your life unfolds. These include career, relationships, family ,money and most aspects of life. It does not decide these matters, only aids in implementing your decisions. By relating the changing spiritual state of the universe with your birth chart, futures matters may be revealed. An accurately read birth chart is a way of tuning into your unfolding state of self realization. Simply a tool that fine tunes your intentions and enhances your life.

Mp3 phone recordings $100
Mp4 (video) live with chart analysis $150
1-2hr average time

Solar Returns

The Solar Return chart is a predictive technique based upon the yearly revolution of the sun. Calculated birthday to birthday to the exact degree of your sun.The variations of the houses (life circumstances) and other planets reveal important information about events in the subjects life for the upcoming year. The chart speaks to major themes and experiences independent as well as in relation to the natal chart for one year.

Analysis of the lights (sun, moon and ascendent) in the Solar Return is very important as it represents one’s vitality and essence (sun), emotional and instinctive interaction with the world (moon), and physical body and constitutional presence (ascendent, also called rising sign). The other planets are also included with impact varying with it’s importance in the natal chart. The Solar Return chart is a very efficient way of proactive plannings for life endeavors as well as anticipating challenges.

12 month forecast (or Solar Return) $75
12 month with Natal $150
Mp4 12 month $100
Mp4 12 month/Natal $175


12 Month Forecast

These are transits (movements of the planets in relation) to the natal chart. This is a projection of the person in time. A sequential analysis of what you can expect in specific circumstances in you life for the next 12 months. This is a predictive technique.  If paired with the Solar Return, the forecast add detail and timing to the themes presented in the SR. As a stand alone the 12 month forecast work directly with the natal chart indicating for the next 12 months the circumstances that have strong impact in you life and the inclination to engage them. As always, the choice to act or not and in what way is an expression of one’s free and not force. The stars are there to bring light. Foreknowledge can be very helpful for those who like to plan.

12 month forecast (or Solar Return) $75
12 month with Natal $150
Mp4 12 month $100.00
Mp4 12 month/Natal $175


Relationship Chart

Relationship charts come in two flavors. Both speak to the compatibility of two persons. The first is Comparative, and the second Composite.

Comparative analysis measure astrologically the potential for friendship ,love ,sex, soul sharing and shared personality traits. Some energies compliment certain others and things are fine. On the other hand in the same two persons opposites (energy expression) attract then repel, (always). That the law of physics. Likeness is comfortable together but tend to bore. Once clarified astrologically and real eyes (realized), a union of two may be seen in a new light and opens the for growth.

Composite chart blend the two persons astrologically (sun to sun , venus to venus etc) and create a composite of the relationship as an entity. It posses all the attributes of an individual with a life cycle of it’s own. It reveals the relationships personality ,sense of values, fun and romance, it’s true purpose or greater inclinations. It’s read as just a natal chart would. Is this relationship focus about love, business ,money and power or just a passing fancy. Composites travel in time and can take on a life of it’s own.

Both provide a wealth of information. What’s your preference?

Mp3 recordings of either $100
Mp4 of either $125



Election charts are also known as event or inception charts. These are charts designed to chose the best time to engage in an event or start something. This has unlimited applications for anything that can be planned. Be it a wedding, travel, make a purchase, sell ,grand opening or any social or business event.Timing may also determine when not to do or start something. This is using astrology as a tactical strategizing tool. It’s a matter of the best time to do something you are already committed to. A very powerful tool for business and pleasure . Joan Quigley, Ronald Reagan’s astrologer used it extensively including most if not all press conferences, speeches ,State of the Union Addresses, the take off of Air Force One, and even his debate with Jimmy Carter, (as stated by Donald Regan ,chief of staff at the time). A technique not to be used frivolously.

Electional chart $50
Electional with natal chart $75


All readings include recorded copy. Mp4 recordings also included the chart analysis technique .