Tune In and Tighten Up!

Often there are times when a bit of guidance or a least clarity would be very helpful in navigating life’s journey. Some of these periods are quite predictable. Age’s 28-30, 39-44 and we all could have used something ( though i’m not sure we would have listened) during those puberty and adolescent years. Who knows when Saturn, Pluto, or Uranus may be transiting your  Sun, Moon, or Ascendent.Things could be very different or not, but given a preview of the possibilities only you would know, if you fine tune yourself. A Natal Chart readings is one way of (tuning in ) reviewing the past and accessing the future. You’re not taking a chance because you will see yourself, in blueprint form. Your past documented, your present clarified and future contemplated. Tuning in tightens up the present and sets up the future. Facing an on going challenge from a different perspective may be just  whats needed.  Even if there’s just a pause in the action it’s worth stirring the pot. If you’ve never tuned in, i offer you an opportunity to check it out by sending me you natal chart with a question of your choice concerning your life. Work, love ,marriage, health, whatever concerns you have, now or in the for the near future, and i will use your chart to address the matter. Simply use the free chart generator and email it to me at “astrologyathome@gmail.com” with your topical question. The chart or charts used ( anonymously ) will be posted,answered and explained on the next post after i receive it.


All possibilities rain from the sky.

Although,its not up there in the sky. It’s within each 0f us. The sky allows us to see the connections with objectivity in the things we share.

Astrology is the science of self realization and a means of measuring evolution . There is no better tool for self examination than the one provided by nature.