About Me

David Shipman

My journey with astrology began in the early seventies out of a need for personal grounding,clarity and a practical belief system. I studied the writing of C.C. Zain, Dane Rudhyar,the Rosicrucians and almost anything i could find during that time. I eventually lightened up to a more contemporary humanistic approach which lead me to a multitude of classes and workshops.

My strongest influence comes from the structured teachings of “Morin de Villefranche” under the tutelage of Robert Corre’s school “Forum on Astrology”. This consisted of several years study of Morin’s master work “Astrologia Gallica”(as taught by Zoltan Mason). I also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Point Park University( in Photography and Cinema)  as i continued my passion for astrology. I spent over 30 years working for Fairfax County Schools initially as a film inspector and later as a Communications Specialist in cable tv, phones ,security and fire alarm systems. I have built a loyal clientele that allows me the flexibility to pursue my personal astrological passions as well as provide quality consulting services.

I am presently practicing out of Woodbridge Virginia offering lectures ,presentations, mentoring,podcasting and a myriad of ever expanding services . Most of all, by propagating the multitude of uses astrology offers as a (universal) tool we may enhances everyday life needs and realize it’s role as a science of human realization.